The Art of Extinction

Workshop 2021 

A lecture on understanding extinction behaviours : Understanding the role of operant conditioning and extinction within individual development and contemporary social structures.

Art in Isolation: Making Art in Times of Crisis Lecture Series 2020

A Lecture Series in Isolation (literally): An in depth lecture series of the role of art in responding to crisis and critical shifts.


Workshop 2020

An overly intellectual interrogation of the self as an image:  Accessing self-reflective and projection-based pathways into our representational and non-representational selves.

Performing the Self

Workshop 2019

The Performance  of a Performance Workshop: Framing the Self as performative within the context of every day life. 

A lesson in Lower Mathematics

Workshops 2021 

Understanding and misunderstanding mathematics:  A look at mathematical reasoning for artists, by artists, with the artistic mind in mind.