HABITAT (2018) a work produced with Central Saint Martins and exhibited at Metaphonica IV (2018). It was the outcome of the BEYOND residency with Allenheads Contemporary Arts  (Northumberland, June-July 2018).

The project interrogated the nature of habitation, survival and resource allocation in the context of borders in flux. Examining the emerging and crisis based externalities in claiming space on earth and in space.

Inspired by the residency trip down the Smallcleugh lead mine in Nenthead, Cumbria and the proposed Mars habitats awarded to the renowned architectural firm Foster & Partners, the installation consisted of a geodesic habitat constructed predominantly of waste materials salvaged from within CSM, interrogating the nature of waste, resource mining, sustainability, and the legacy we are leaving behind on earth. 

HABITAT was a Creative Unions funded project.

Participating Artists: Gabrielle Brooks, James Bryant, Yili Liu, Maria Clara Lorusso, Zelda Montjean-Zen, Lara Orawski, Ana Luiza Pereira Rodrigues, Anamarija Podrebarac, Federico Pompei. Special thanks to Pat Naldi and Jędrek Filuś.

For More information on the Project:

The first group exhibition produced by arts collective Arthousehaus, a London based art collective, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of traditional and unconventional methodologies of creative practice. The project, “My House Is An Island” combines emerging and established artists in a unique exhibition environment within a domestic flat. Artists were invited to respond to the space and re-interpret the physical and emotional boundaries of what it is to exist within the home.          


Inspired by Gaston Bachelard’s The Poetics of Space, the artists were challenged to interpret the home as a universe, a cosmos, an extension of the body in its virtuality and reality, that forms the tangibility and intangibility of dreams and memories to fit into structure, a roof or a peak that is intended to shelter our being and we call home.                    

This unconventional exhibition inverts the flat into an immersive experience, where visitors are invited to have a cup of coffee or tea and explore the collection of paintings, prints, sculpture, sounds, books and projections, composed of the collective materials from 48 artists.

This exhibition was curated by

Yili Liu and Lara Orawski. 

my h      use is an island

A new collaboration with the University of the Arts London: Central Saint Martins, Arthousehaus is working with the Contemporary Photography: Practices and Philosophies course to develop a knowledge exchange residency for their students over the coming months. 


The project is part of a Knowledge Exchange initiative at Central Saint Martins to pilot new initiatives integrating artistic practice within social and care based activities across interdisciplinary collective. The mandate of this project is to connect emerging artists and educational institutions to imagine new futures and the means to deliver them. The approach is to drive practice beyond building, beyond disciplines and beyond borders. 

Coming April 2021