The Castle

Curated by

>Yili Liu

>Maria Clara Lorusso

>Lara Orawski

>Abby Wright

Et domus sua cuique est tutissimum refugium.           My home is my castle.

As curators we have decided to work in a conceptual horizontal line. 


The artist’s works and thoughts have formed and informed the curatorial outcome. That is, that the content has been fragmented and re-assembled to form a poetic journey through the artist's work. This journey, a game, a maze that leads the player to the central nervous system of the collective unconscious, the castle.  Why a castle? Why a game? Because like it or not, strategic interaction is our path to survival. And the castle? The castle is our home if we are brave enough to position it as such, and ultimately, the way we choose to interrogate our surroundings defines the journey we are able to encounter within ourselves.

A special thank you to all of the contributing artists and to Ami Podrebarac for your support in making this project possible.

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If you would like to look at a specific artist, we have listed the participants of The Castle exhibition below.